U-CAN Tekstil Our Services


U-CAN Tekstil Sourcing


We have more than 30 years experience in textile and since 2010 U-Can is sourcing, producing and exporting garments, fabrics and home textiles to EU, USA, GB, Canada…
We provide reasonable price and lead time to brands which let them to have optimum benefit decisions.

U-CAN Tekstil Pre-production


• Ethical and Technical Compliance

• Risk Assessment

• Pattern Management

• Sample Fitting

• Colour Management

U-CAN Tekstil Production


• Production line planning

• Testing

• Inline control

• Final control

U-CAN Tekstil Technical


We never compromise on required quality level.We have an intensive experience in garment technology.

We focus on preventive and corrective actions rather than final controls in order not to face unexpected problems on the final garment.

U-CAN Tekstil Sustainability


Our policy is ; to have labour standarts in every area and for ethical trading, to look for sustainable raw material sources.And to improve reducing our carbon foot print, waste water and circular design principles..